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Welcome to HERO Movement

Hi, I’m Luke – Movement Coach & Content Creator.

At Hero Movement, we explore all things physical movement, well-being & adventure. Our underlying philosophy centres on becoming the hero of our own stories – developing the resilience & skills to navigate life’s challenges and support others along the way.

Hero Movement started in 2013 from my quest to overcome chronic health challenges. I aim to use the lessons learned to help everyday heroes unlock freedom of movement, seek adventure, and live a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

In doing that, we explore & share ideas relating to a range of topics – flow tools, mobility training, functional strength, ancient philosophy, and more. Together, we’re learning and growing towards building physical and mental strength, mobility, and endurance.

If Hero Movement resonates with you, explore free articles & videos on the blog, or join my coaching platform on the Playbook App for personalised guidance & support.

Three Cornerstones

Of Healthy, Heroic Living:

Through online training plans, movement coaching, articles & video tutorials, 

we tend to explore & share ideas in three key areas:


Building a body you can rely on, with a strong foundation of functional strength, mobility, and endurance. So you have the freedom to move however you want, without pain or restrictions.


Nourishing the body & mind from the inside out. Exploring mindfulness, breathwork, nutrition approaches, recovery protocols, and more.


Taking the road less travelled and embarking on an adventurous, fulfilling lifestyle. Unleashing your creativity and doing more of the things you love, with the people you love.

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🙋🏻‍♂️ About Luke Jones

Luke Jones Hero Movement Tree Crawl

Luke Jones is a Movement Coach & Online Content Creator at Hero Movement.

Upon graduating from Imperial College in 2013, he pursued a career in the health & fitness space, qualifying as a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Movement & Mobility Specialist. 

He created Hero Movement (formerly Health Room) to explore and share ideas in all things movement, wellness and adventure, and to document his recovery from various health challenges and nagging injuries. 

Alongside creating content from the blog and online coaching, he also consults with health & fitness brands as a freelance writer, collaborating with the likes of Gymshark, Naked Nutrition and more.

When he is not creating content, you’ll likely find Luke by the sea, up a tree, with loved ones, or mid-meal.

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