Follow Along Rope Flow Workout for Beginners

Today we’ll go through a follow along rope flow workout suitable for beginners & beyond. Some of you have requested this for a while, so I thought it was time to deliver!

I decided to learn rope flow in early 2020 and felt a noticeable transfer to various athletic movement patterns. It was also helpful in my recovery from various physical and mental health challenges, so I’m excited to share the potential benefits of rope flow with you.

In this follow along session, we’ll work on three foundational rope flow movements: the underhand figure 8, overhand figure 8 and propeller. 

We’ll first practice the movements in isolation before integrating them into a sequence and then taking some time to improvise and flow together at the end. 

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Follow Along Rope Flow Training Focus:

Before we begin the follow along rope flow session, I’d encourage you to focus on a few key points: 

  1. Remain open & upright. As if there’s a string lifting you from the crown of the head and your ribcage is expanded like a balloon. From this neutral starting point, we have more movement options available.  
  2. Be smooth & effortless. This isn’t about trying harder. You’ll learn more effectively if you endeavour to stay relaxed. If you drop the rope or catch your leg, reset without judging yourself, and jump back in. 

Movement #1 - The Underhand Figure-8

The underhand pattern is the basis of locomotion – our walking and running strides – along with other movement patterns such as an underarm ball throw, an uppercut punch, and various grappling and throwing techniques.  

  • To get started, stand with your feet hips width apart and grip your rope lightly around the handles. The bottom three fingers rest on the knot, while the index finger and thumb close the loop at the top of the knot.
  • Leading with the pinky finger, trace an infinity sign (a figure of 8 on its side) in front of your body, allowing the rope to pass by your sides. 
  • While there is a rolling motion through the wrists, most of the force is generated by coiling through the core (a side bend and backwards rotation through the torso) and shifting your weight from one side to the other.
  • Endeavour to remain relaxed and upright, aiming for a smooth, steady arc of the rope before adding speed and power. 
  • When you’re comfortable with a front-on stance, you can experiment with a split stance – placing one foot slightly further forward than the other. Here, you can start to shift your weight forward and back as well as from side to side. 

Movement #2 - Overhand Figure 8

The overhand motion is seen in overarm throwing mechanics and striking. It’s also applicable to swimming, climbing, and grappling arts. 

  • Begin in the same neutral stance, lightly gripping the rope.
  • Trace the same infinity sign in front of you but lead with the thumb this time. 
  • While there is a rolling motion through the wrists, most of the force is again generated by coiling through the core (a side bend and forward rotation through the torso) and shifting your weight from side to side.
  • Endeavour to remain relaxed & upright, and experiment with a split stance when you feel comfortable to do so.

Movement #3 - The Propeller

The propeller is a transition movement, used to seamlessly move from one rope flow technique to another. 

  • To perform it, start in a neutral stance, gripping your rope in front of your solar plexus with a 90-degree bend in the elbows. 
  • Get the rope to move in a propeller-like motion in front of your body using a slight motion through the wrists and an oscillation of the hips forwards and back. 
  • If you were stood in a corridor facing one wall, the arc of the rope would flow straight down the corridor. 
  • Remain relaxed and upright, and practise on both sides.

Rope Flow Integration

After practising the rope flow drills in isolation, it’s time to integrate them into a sequence. 

  • Starting in the propeller motion, pivot your feet and slowly turn your whole body 90 degrees to one side while keeping the rope moving. 
  • You’ll now find yourself performing an underhand or overhand figure-8 pattern in a split stance.
  • From here, you can turn back the same way you came to return to the propeller and repeat on the opposite side. 
  • Alternatively, you can step forward with the back leg of your split stance while simultaneously executing another90 90-degree pivot, to now find yourself in the propeller motion facing 180 degrees to your starting position. Repeat the same steps to perform a full 360 circle. 

It’s normal to feel a bit frustrated and confused. On numerous occasions, a rope flow pattern has felt impossible for me to grasp to start with, but with some patience and time, the nervous system adapts, and the movement starts to become second nature.

Over to You: Time to Flow

I hope the rope flow follow along workout serves you well! 

I enjoyed putting it together and I’m hoping to do more of these in the future. 

Let me know how you get on, or if you have any questions, down in the comments below. 

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