VLOG: Paddleboarding Cornwall + Recovery Fuel

HERO Vlog 002

[drop_cap color=”#4a4a4a” background=”#ffffff”]T[/drop_cap]his week on the vlog we take the paddleboards out in Falmouth, Cornwall, after tucking into some of the best food we ever did eat.

Barcelona Travel Video (Moving, Eating, Adventuring)

Time for something a little different today – a short mashup of our Barcelona travel experience. We stayed outside the city, so we spent a couple of fast-paced days having a look around – seeing all sights, doing all the things, and eating all the food. We stopped by Bamboo Body Barcelona on the last day for an awesome movement session with the guys there. Definitely recommend checking that place out if you get the chance to visit!

000 | Welcome To The HERO Podcast

Hero Podcast 0 Welcome

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu — Welcome To the very first episode of the HERO Podcast, where I outline¬†the “why” behind the podcast, and how it might¬†benefit¬†you moving forwards. This is a project I’ve been wanting to undertake for quite some time.¬† I’ve been a big fan of podcasts for a number of years. I’m an avid consumer, and I actually wrote a big article a while back listing my¬†favourite shows related to all things health and fitness. They’re no doubt one of my favourite ways to¬†devour information, perhaps even more so than […]

FINANCIAL FREEDOM: Key Lessons Learned

HERO Blog Post Financial Freedom Winding Road

Financial freedom¬†you say? That doesn’t sound like something we usually talk about here at Health Room… True. It’s not exactly my bread and butter. “Steps to achieving financial freedom”¬†probably wouldn’t be my choice topic if I was ever asked to go on Mastermind. But they (whoever they are) claim¬†that variety is the spice of life… So today I’d like to take the opportunity to share with you something a little different. It’s a project I was kindly invited to contribute to a couple of months ago by a nice guy named Dustin. The task: To share my tale. And more […]

Cowspiracy INFOGRAPHIC – 20 Astonishing Facts From the Hit Film

Hero Blog Post Cowspiracy Infographic 20 Facts Film

“Cowspiracy may be the most important film made to inspire saving the planet.” ‚ÄĒ Louie Psihoyos¬†‚ÄĒ   I’ve watched my fair share of diet and health related documentaries. Like many others, I kicked things off a few years ago with Food Inc and Forks Over Knives.¬†The classics. Then came Blackfish and Vegucated, shortly followed by¬†Earthlings (not for the faint hearted). There’s a long list of great films out there, and they’ve all had¬†an impact on me in some shape or form. But¬†there’s one that has influenced¬†me way more than any of the above… The Cowspiracy Facts Produced by Kip Andersen […]

HERO TRAVELS: A Comprehensive Guide to Vegan Food Turkey

Hero Blog Post Hero Travels Turkey Comprehensive Guide Vegan Plant Based Food

Vegan Food Turkey: It’s Easier Than You Think A new adventure¬†was overdue, so a¬†few¬†weeks back¬†we decided to pack up and take a last minute trip to Turkey. Mickie is a Turkey veteran, having¬†been out there a couple of¬†times before, and I liked what I heard about the place, so we thought we’d just go for it.¬†With some cheap flights and a half price villa booked, we set off. We stayed near¬†the Lycian Coast,¬†in a remote¬†mountain village¬†called Kadikoy, about a 10 minute drive to¬†Saklikent¬†and roughly¬†50 minutes from the bigger towns of Kalkan and Fethiye. Aside from the sun, sea, and beautiful […]

Proactive vs Reactive: How to be More Proactive and Conquer Your World

Proactive vs Reactive Behaviour We’ve all done it: Looked through the window to see rain and grey clouds, and decided it’s a miserable day. Been criticised by someone at work or home and consequently felt down for hours afterwards. Watched our sports team win a game and felt on cloud nine for a week. For better or worse, these are all examples of reactive behaviour, where our feelings depend on the results of external events or processes that we have no control over. They are completely outside our sphere of influence, yet they can control our lives. Give this a […]