No Pullup Bar? Here’s 26 Home Workout Back Exercises

Home Back Exercises no Pullup Bar

A home pull up bar is arguably one of the most useful tools for building a strong back, but getting hold of one right now isn’t easy. The good news? There are plenty of at home back exercises you can do with little to no equipment.  In this article and video, we’re looking at 26 […]


Forming healthy habits can be hard going. You’re doing great for a few weeks with your new change, but inevitably you end up right back where you started, time and time again. Sound familiar? But what if make lasting changes wasn’t so difficult? Whether you’re looking to improve your diet, meditate daily or build a […]

MOBILITY EXERCISES: Every One You’ll Ever Need (100+ From Head to Toe)

HERO MOVEMENT - Mobility Exercises

Mobility exercises can be an important part of a well-rounded movement practice, allowing you to get the most out of the activities you love doing in life.  Freeing up those joints and getting your body moving well shouldn’t be an arduous process. In this guide, I’ve put together a variety of mobility exercises and drills that […]


HERO MOVEMENT - Minimalist Lifestyle

The minimalist lifestyle is something that I’ve been fascinated with for quite some time now. How can I live a more simple life? A leaner one, with fewer expenses and more freedom? One that encumbers less stuff and more meaningful experiences? If you’re reading this article, it figures that you might have had similar thoughts too. […]

FINANCIAL FREEDOM: Key Lessons Learned

HERO Blog Post Financial Freedom Winding Road

Financial freedom you say? That doesn’t sound like something we usually talk about here at Health Room… True. It’s not exactly my bread and butter. “Steps to achieving financial freedom” probably wouldn’t be my choice topic if I was ever asked to go on Mastermind. But they (whoever they are) claim that variety is the spice of life… […]

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