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THE HERO BLUEPRINT [Infographic]: 34 Powerful Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Hero Blog Post Hero Blueprint 20 powerful healthy lifestyle tips

What does constructing Ikea furniture have in common with living a healthy lifestyle? In both cases, you’ll recognise some of the parts that make up the whole. So these are the ‘knowns’. You open up your new Ikea Stefan box and you can identify the chair legs. Similarly, you can probably distinguish some basic principles of healthy living, like regular exercise. […]

Can You Get all the Benefits of Eating Meat on a Vegan Diet?

Hero Blog Post Benefits of Meat on Vegan Diet

You’ve heard all about the potential benefits of going vegan: cutting down on the meat and dairy, and upping your plant intake. You’ve read stories about people reversing health conditions and gaining more energy. You know that moving towards a plant based diet would mean plus points on the animal welfare front, and could help cut your carbon footprint too.   […]

30 of the Best Health and Fitness Podcasts 2019

Hero Blog Post Top Podcasts 32 Best Nutrition Fitness Mindfulness Health

Health and fitness podcasts are one of my favourite ways to deepen my understanding of the human experience. That’s one of the main reasons I decided to set up my own show, The HERO Movement Podcast. One of the big perks of technology is the ability to download an hour-long conversation, throw it onto your […]

50 Vegan Quotes from Plant-Based Pioneers (Past and Present)

Hero Blog Post 50 vegan quotes plant based pioneers

Please note: I put together this collection of vegan quotes a number of years ago, back when I followed a fully plant-based diet.  My views and preferences with regards to nutrition have changed somewhat over the years in response to changes in my health, wellbeing and world view.  Some of the ideas expressed in this […]

Cowspiracy INFOGRAPHIC – 20 Astonishing Facts From the Hit Film

Hero Blog Post Cowspiracy Infographic 20 Facts Film

“Cowspiracy may be the most important film made to inspire saving the planet.” — Louie Psihoyos —   I’ve watched my fair share of diet and health related documentaries. Like many others, I kicked things off a few years ago with Food Inc and Forks Over Knives. The classics. Then came Blackfish and Vegucated, shortly followed by Earthlings […]

HERO TRAVELS: A Comprehensive Guide to Vegan Food Turkey

Hero Blog Post Hero Travels Turkey Comprehensive Guide Vegan Plant Based Food

Vegan Food Turkey: It’s Easier Than You Think A new adventure was overdue, so a few weeks back we decided to pack up and take a last minute trip to Turkey. Mickie is a Turkey veteran, having been out there a couple of times before, and I liked what I heard about the place, so we thought we’d just go for […]

ZONE 2 TRAINING: The Missing Link in Your Cardiovascular Fitness

Hero Blog Post Zone 2 Training Cardiovascular Fitness

Give this a share Zone 2 training might not seem like the most exciting way to develop your aerobic endurance. Plodding your way through a zone 2 cardio workout without breathing heavy doesn’t sound as hardcore as blasting a high intensity Tabata session and finishing in a pool of your own blood, sweat and tears… […]

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