The Hero Roundup: Summer 2020

Luke Jones Hero Movement

As the sunshine fades and summertime here in the UK comes to a close, I thought it might be a fitting time to reflect on the past few months and share another Hero Roundup.  It seems like the tumultuous ups and downs that characterised the first half of 2020 seem set to continue, at least […]

The Hero Roundup: May 2020

Octomoves Rope Back Shot

So it seems like the madness and uncertainty remains, at least for the time being. The offbeat rhythm of 2020 has continued since the last roundup, with the Covid-19 pandemic still seemingly going strong, along with the recent events highlighting long-standing racial inequality. Amidst the madness, I thought I’d continue on with a monthly update […]

The Hero Roundup: April 2020

Luke Jones Hero Movement 2020

To say it’s been a surreal few months would be a bit of an understatement… Like many families around the world, we’ve unfortunately experienced firsthand the devastation of COVID-19. The pandemic has brought about a new reality, largely marked by loss, grief and uncertainty.  During this forced pause, I thought it might be a fitting […]

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