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My Journey With Long Covid + Chronic Pain: Rebuild Episode 1

Welcome to episode 1 in a series I’m calling ReBuild – documenting my recovery process from several years of chronic pain and more recently, long covid. Some readers/listeners/viewers know I’ve been out of action for a while with some health stuff, and have asked how I’m getting on and what I’ve been doing to help […]

5 Things We’re Doing to Support The Immune System

Luke Jones Cold Exposure

We’re currently laying low in Tenerife amid the COVID-19 lockdown. I thought I’d take some time to share the habits & practices I’ve been using to (potentially) support the immune system. Before we get started, it almost goes without saying that our first point of call for anything COVID-19 related should be the World Health Organisation […]

My 2019 Annual Review

Hero Movement 2019 Review

Time to start a new tradition.  Journalling is something I’ve found great value in, for various reasons. To record day-to-day ideas in the present. To document and learn from the past. And to map out a vague direction for the future.   I’ve carried out a 12-month review around December/January time for several years, but it was only […]

KETOTARIAN DIET: 4 Week Experiment (Review + Results)

Ketotarian Diet HERO Movement

[drop_cap color=”#4a4a4a” background=”#ffffff”]T[/drop_cap]he ketogenic diet has been making waves in the nutrition world for a number of years, with recent studies linking this high fat, low carb way of eating to a range of health benefits. However, a typical ketogenic diet is based predominantly around animal products and can lack a variety of vegetables. With […]

On The Importance of Ritual

If you told me I’d be spending a Monday afternoon on our trip to Lake Garda sweating in 95 degree celcius heat whilst an Italian dude wafted essential oils in my direction (to the beat of System of a Down), I might have choked on my gluten-free pasta… Alas, that’s how things went down. We […]

Nutrition Basics: Three SIMPLE Tips for Healthy Eating

Nutrition Basics HERO Movement Luke Jones

Instagram has spoken… So today I’m gonna be talking about nutrition basics. We’ll go through three simple principles that I use to fuel my movement practice and stay somewhat healthy – things that I think could help you too. Nutrition can be a complex topic. Although I’m a qualified nutritionist and food is something I’ve […]

Simple Guided Meditation for Beginners (Follow Along)

Simple Guided Meditation for Beginners (Follow Along)

Meditation doesn’t have to be complex. With that in mind, today I’m gonna take you through a super simple, guided meditation for beginners. One that you can use to take a pause from the busyness & inject some mindfulness into your day. Now I’m no shaolin monk, but meditation is something that is a key […]

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