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build heroic strength, mobility & endurance


At HERO Movement I offer custom online personal training, nutrition consultations & movement coaching. Whether you’re looking to build strength, change your body composition, learn new skills, or adopt healthier habits, I craft tailor made plans to help you reach your movement & lifestyle goals. 

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1-1 Coaching is Currently Full

But you can still access our growing library of movement and mobility programs via the Hero App.

Including Mobility Reset, Bodyweight Beginner, Breathwork Base, Movement Moments, the Hero Nutrition Guide and more. 

You also get full access to 150+ other coaches – strength pros, movement coaches, yoga teachers – and all of their programs.

✅ Benefits of Online Personal Training:


We’re all individuals with unique goals, obstacles & requirements. That's why I take time to understand your story and where you want to go, before crafting a tailor-made strategy to help you get there.


It's not just about moving better. With my in person and online movement coaching, I take into account both the body and mind. Exploring mobility, posture, eating habits, breathwork, recovery & beyond.


Wherever you are in the world, we can find a time to discuss your goals and get you on the path to moving, eating and living like a HERO. Skype, email, phone, in person – whatever works best for you.

The HERO Movement Method

Build a Heroic Skillset That's Useful in an Emergency

We human beings are built for motion. Not to just lift heavy stuff or plod along on the treadmill…

To express a wide variety of movement patterns and skills. To endure hardship and be useful in an emergency. To sprint, hike, jump, crawl, clamber, climb, lift, balance, throw, grapple… To move with freedom, and without pain.

That’s why as well as catering to your individual goals, my movement training approach is centred around crafting a solid base for you to build upon. 

With in person & online coaching, my goal is to provide you with foundational tools & attributes of mobility, balance, endurance & functional strength that have a wide scope of transfer – from your favourite sports & hobbies to everyday life!

Truly Thrive With Mobility & Recovery Work

Support your movement goals and your wellbeing

Crafting a movement practice and training plan that’s orientated around your lifestyle & goals is important, but it’s only one part of the equation.

With both in-person + online personal training, I place just as much emphasis on recovery protocols, breathwork, mindfulness and nutrition strategies too.

Because there’s little use pushing yourself to the limit if it leaves you burnt out and injured! As someone who’s been there and done that, my goal is to help you find the balance between work & rest, and to train smarter, not harder.  

So you can nourish your body & mind from the inside out, reap the highest possible rewards from your training, and truly thrive as both an athlete & human being. 

😃 People I Love Working With:


Anyone just setting out on their movement & wellness journey and isn't sure where to begin. I know how daunting it can be, so we prepare a step-by-step plan that'll have you winning from the get-go!


Whether you're a martial artist, footballer, yogi or bodyweight athlete - we fine tune your skills and expand your movement vocabulary to improve your performance & longevity, in and outside the arena.


Looking to optimize your diet, fine-tune your fitness and maximise longevity? We can use proven wellness strategies, nutrition protocols and recovery methods to cover all basis and unlock your true potential.

🏋️‍♂️ Some of the Tools We Use

  • Conventional Strength Training Protocols
  • Calisthenics & Bodyweight Movement Skills
  • Targeted Mobility Exercises + Movement Drills
  • Breathwork & Mindfulness Exercises
  • Cold & Heat Exposure and Stress Tolerance
  • Habit Forming & Nutrition Principles

🖥 Online Movement
Coaching Options

The Body MOT

Posture Analysis + Movement Screen

An in-depth analysis of your standing posture and your ability to move through key movement patterns that can impact performance – including the deep squat, overhead reach, and more.

You send across requested photos & videos, and receive a report on our findings, along with proposed corrective exercises and pre-hab drills. One week of follow up email/social media support.

8 week Training plan

Custom 8 Week Program

Custom programming to build strength, endurance, mobility, skills, muscle mass – whatever your current training focus.

After an in-depth lifestyle & training questionnaire, I prep for you an eight-week block of movement training, personalized to your specific goals. Also comes with two weeks of support via email/social media to answer any queries.

Ongoing Monthly Coaching

Custom 8 Week Program

After an in-depth lifestyle & training questionnaire, we start with a posture + mobility analysis (The Body MOT), followed by ongoing monthly coaching with 4-week phased movement training blocks.

Includes personalized guidance on nutrition + supplementation, recovery protocols and habit changing, along with ongoing email/social media support. Minimum 3-month commitment.

£150 / Month

Video consult

60 Minute, 1:1 Consultation

Includes a 60 minute 1:1 consultation via Skype / Zoom / Phone to answer any questions relating to movement or strength training, mobility, nutrition, recovery, habits, and more. 

Includes one week of follow up email support to answer any additional questions you might have following the call.

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Luke Jones

Movement & Mobility Coach

– Passionate

Human movement & wellness are my main passions in life. I spend most of my time searching out and testing better ways to move & healthier ways to live, and working with others to help them do the same.

– Dedicated

I’m a Lvl 3 Personal Trainer, Lvl 4 Nutritionist and certified M|WOD Movement & Mobility Specialist. I’ve also undertaken continuing education courses under the Wim Hof Method, Jon Kabat Zinn and various movement practitioners. I draw inspiration from calisthenics, strength training, martial arts, yoga & more.

– Flexible 

I realise there’s no “one size fits all approach”. We’re all unique, with different needs & goals. That’s why I take my time to really understand your situation, obstacles and the things that you want to achieve, before putting together a custom plan.

📩 Get in touch

If you’re interested in online personal training or posture analysis, please get in touch using the form below and I’ll get back to you asap.  Limited spots available to keep the quality as high as possible 🙂 


Most frequently questions and answers

I enjoy working with a wide range of people, both face to face and online. This typically includes:

  • Newcomers to the world of health and fitness looking to get started safely and make progress.
  • Active people with a fitness background who are looking to develop a more well-rounded skillset.
  • Anyone trying to improve mobility & flexibility, and overcome postural limitations.
  • Athletes looking to improve their athletic performance and recovery. 
  • People looking to tweak or overhaul their diet and optimize their health and performance inside the gym and in everyday life.

Unfortunately, working with pre or post natal women and anyone looking to rehab significant injuries or illnesses is currently outside the scope of my practice.

Please see above for the approximate cost for each training option. Please not, as each plan is custom made, the costs of online training can vary depending on the package you choose and your individual requirements. Please get in touch for more info.

I have a background in football (soccer), athletics, outdoor pursuits and martial arts. I then moved into conventional strength training, calisthenics and yoga in my mid to late teens. Mobility and movement quality became a large part of my practice, helping to address my own imbalances and injuries from a lifetime of competitive sport.   

On the training front, I’m a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and Movement & Mobility Specialist under Kelly Starrett. I’m always looking to learn more and grow, and in the process of doing so have taken countless workshops and courses – from the Wim Hof Method, to various yoga and handstand practices. 

build heroic strength, mobility & Endurance

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