So it seems like the madness and uncertainty remains, at least for the time being. 

The offbeat rhythm of 2020 has continued since the last roundup, with the Covid-19 pandemic still seemingly going strong, along with the recent events highlighting long-standing racial inequality.

Amidst the madness, I thought I’d continue on with a monthly update for you guys regarding life, training, useful resources I’ve stumbled upon, books I’ve read, hot sauces I’ve consumed, and more. 

I hope it provides you with some value. 

Live well, stay safe and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Ideas & Quotes from This Month

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

Rich Roll recently released an Instagram post that sums up my feelings towards the current situation in the US (and across the world), put in a much more eloquent way than I could manage:

I don’t know how to say the right thing. I don’t want to get it wrong. It’s more important that I listen more than I talk. But I also feel a responsibility to participate in provoking change.

The truth is that I am a beneficiary of systemic racism. As a white man, my life is the result of tremendous privilege. I can walk down any street without unease. I can run anywhere without apprehension. And everywhere I go, doors swing open. Because of this, it doesn’t feel right to weigh in on this historic moment of cataclysm. And yet what is the point of this privilege if it isn’t used to empower the voices that too long have gone unheard?

The world is in chaos because we, as both individuals and as members of a society, have time and again failed to truly redress the toxic racial divide that is woven into the very fabric of this country — a nation birthed out of a violence not entirely dissimilar from what we are seeing today.

This pot has been brought to its current dystopian boil by galling failures in leadership. Countless infuriating miscarriages of justice. Foundering efforts at true social reform. The rise of brash authoritarianism buttressed by an increasingly militarized police state that perpetrates violence unchecked. The weaponization of media. And broken economic and political systems that aggrandize power and accelerate the rapidly growing divide between the very few haves and the countless and invisible have nots.

This moment should come as no surprise. Because disenfranchisement cannot be decoupled from the anger, confusion, fear and chaos it creates. And the silenced must be heard.

I do not condone violence. My heart grows heavier with each new report from the rioting frontlines.

But humanity is facing a choice — crash or rise.

I choose rise. May this burn not be for naught. May the ashes of this devastating upheaval ultimately unite us to finally reimagine and recreate a society that values true equality — and opportunity for all.


#BlackLivesMatter #protests2020

"Your silence gives consent."

Sometimes taking the heroic path means standing down and choosing your battles. 

Other times, it means rising up and fighting for what’s right. 

In this situation, the first option hasn’t brought about the big changes that need to happen, so it seems it’s time for action.

I’m still figuring out how I can best do my bit, but here are some useful resources that I’ve come across over the past few days:

Books & Articles I've Enjoyed This Month

🔗 Just Breathe – Dan Brule

A non-dogmatic look at a wide range of breathwork practices – from Buteyko and The Oxygen Advantage, to Wim Hof and Yogic practices. A good overview for anyone looking to expand their breathwork toolkit.

🔗 The Endurance Handbook – Dr. Phil Maffetone

A nice overview of the Maffetone Method and an introduction to the MAF heart rate protocol. A good read for anyone looking to dig a bit deeper into the potential benefits of zone 2 training

🔗 Winter Raven Adam Baker

I’m digging samurai novels lately, and this one was easy to read. A tad predictable, but good fun and quite gripping. 

My Training This Month

I’ve been in a flare up for most of the past month, so training hasn’t been happening as much as I’d hope. On some days, getting out of bed is a big win, so lifting heavy stuff or manipulating my body weight in strange ways hasn’t been a priority. 

I totalled 9 training days (compared to 18 in April), and most of those were super low intensity. The rope has been a useful tool to have around – it’s helped keep my joints somewhat mobile and my sanity somewhat intact.

In June, the focus is to slowly get back on the wagon and continue building General Physical Preparedness through a combination of bodyweight training, kettlebell work, a little bit of barbell work, some zone 2 running and rope flow. 

Content You May Have Missed

I put together a few resources and routines this month, including:

Coming up in June:

I have some more content planned around home training, as well as a look at building your aerobic base, and a simple power & speed session.

Other Random Things I've Been Enjoying & Am Grateful For

  • Blackfire Artesian Chilli Sauce – A brand based in Belfast. Their ghost pepper Botanic sauce is legit.
  • Old Crow Cider – I’m going teetotal for a few weeks now, but this is another solid one from the guys at Gwynt Y Ddraig.
  • OctoMoves Rope – I’ve really been enjoying my rope that the guys at Octomoves sent across. You can get 10% off one of your own by using the code HERO at checkout. 
  • Read Dead Redemption 2 – I don’t often get hooked into a storyline, but this one reeled me right in. It’s alrrighht boaayy

Thanks for reading. Be safe, stay inside, and keep moving forward. 


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