As the sunshine fades and summertime here in the UK comes to a close, I thought it might be a fitting time to reflect on the past few months and share another Hero Roundup. 

It seems like the tumultuous ups and downs that characterised the first half of 2020 seem set to continue, at least for the time being. 

In these times of uncertainty and heightened stress, I find that taking a step back to slow down and reflect can be somewhat helpful, which is partly why I restarted this blog post series. 

As with previous roundups, we’ll touch on a few training and life updates, useful resources I’ve stumbled upon, content you may have missed, and things lined up for the near future.

I hope it’s useful to you in some shape or form! 

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Training & Life Updates

"Long-term consistency beats short term intensity"

Health wise, the summer months for me could only be described as ‘inconsistent’. 

While I had some decent stretches of minimal symptoms, they were broken up by frequent flares. This meant any training, both Zone 2 endurance and calisthenics, was sporadic at best. 

Despite this, I’m fortunate that I was still able to make some steady progress, increasing my average Z2 pace and advancing with a few bodyweight progressions. A close friend of mine also set a new 5k PB and increased their max pullup count (on the same weekend, what a hero). Said friend averaged around 1 easy run and 1 bodyweight session a week – sometimes less. And a lot of my training was done in 5 minute bursts throughout the day, or ‘Movement Moments’.

I mention this because both examples are pretty good testaments to the fact that you can make progress without having to train hard every day. Turns out go hard or go home isn’t the only option available. Slow and steady can work pretty well too. 

Back to the health stuff – as I write this, things are stable, which is something I’m grateful for! A combination of fasting mimicking dieting, more focus on sleep & stress management, and low FODMAP eating seems to be doing something positive, so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few months. I have some content planned around some of the above that I’m excited to share.    

I turned 29 in September 😬. 

As the big three-zero looms, it’s a good reminder that we’re all getting older, and that I’d like to make the most out of every day. Reflecting on this, I have a few fun adventures and challenges planned for the next 12 months.  

Books & content I've Enjoyed This Month

🔗 Everything is F*cked – Mark Manson

An insightful (and hilarious) look at the various events and technological developments that have shaped our increasingly anxious and uncertain world. Some timeless wisdom from the great philosophers made way more accessible by Mark’s signature wit. 

🔗 A Mile an Hour Beau Miles

A genius reinvention of the marathon and an inspiring reminder of the possibilities of a single day. A lovely bit of work from one of my favourite adventure film-makers, Beau Miles.

Articles & Videos You May Have Missed

Upcoming Content & Projects

In terms of free content, I have quite a few things lined up for the next few months that I’m excited about. There will be more videos around Zone 2 training, some mobility routines, a few reviews of useful products I’ve been using, and more.

I’m also super excited to announce that I’m launching my programs on a new app platform, Playbook.

In the app, I’ll be sharing a variety of programs centred around mobility, calisthenics, home training, breathwork, endurance and more. It will also feature content on nutrition, habit forming and recovery.  

It’s actually available now for early access, but we’re looking to roll out a few more programs and guides on there over the next few months.  

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Other Random Things I've Been Enjoying & Am Grateful For

  • I picked up a new fun board from the guys at Boardshop UK and we managed to get some nice little waves before the second phase of lockdown kicked in.
  • I’ve started rekindling my (albeit extremely amateur) interest in making stuff, putting together a wooden sword for one of my nephews. I made a handle cover (technical term) by weaving some para-cord, and Michaela helped stitch a felt sheath. Satisfying to get away from the screen and make something simple.   
  • We found some lovely little forest spots for walking and exploring not far from my home. Lived here most of my life and it’s only now we’re taking advantage of them! 

Thanks for reading. Stay safe & keep moving.

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