“We are all HUMAN first, MOVERS second and only then SPECIALISTS.”

― Ido Portal ―

What does your movement practice look like?

This week on The HERO Podcast we’re talking all things movement. One of my favourite things. More specifically: the big difference between the generalist and specialist approach to moving. 

The way human beings move has changed drastically over the course of the past ten thousand years.

Back in the day, our hunter-gatherer ancestors would spend a fair chunk of time moving over uneven terrain, climbing, jumping, hanging, swinging, grappling, throwing, swimming, crawling, squatting, lifting… There was plenty of variety and complexity.

Fast forward through the revolutions of agriculture, industry, and technology, our need for movement variety and complexity has reduced drastically.

To the point that many people spend their days sat in the same position, only moving their fingers to click buttons. Bigger bouts of movement are reserved for specific exercise periods – often set exercises for x number of reps, x number of times a week.

We’ve become specialists, losing so many of the movement capabilities we were designed to enjoy.

I think it’s time to reclaim them. And this week, we’re talking about how to do just that.

What we cover in this week’s episode of The HERO Podcast: 

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