036 | The Best Time for Mobility Drills, Core Stability & How to be Consistent with Training

This week on The Hero Movement Podcast: we discuss our new training programme, Luke’s core stability routine, the best stretches & mobilisations for pre or post workout, and how to maintain consistency when training multiple times a week.

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This Week on The HERO Podcast:

🗣 Introductory Content:

  • 3:52 – Luke & Michaela’s new training programme.
    • Wendler’s 5/3/1 and how we’re tweaking it to it to fit our training and recovery needs.
  • 15:53 –  Luke’s latest Instagram post on his new core activation routine
    • The importance of the mind-muscle connection.
    • How activating the core and glutes can improve our form during training.
    • The link between training the core and improved hip mobility.

❓ Questions & Answers

  • 23:10 – How do I know which stretches/mobility exercises to do before workouts and which ones to do after workouts?
    • The difference between static and dynamic stretches.
    • How different mobility exercises, such as banded mobilisations or soft tissue work, may be best suited to pre or post workout.
  • 29:10 – How to maintain consistency when we’re training multiple times a week?
    • Solidifying your reason why and aligning this with your goals and values.
    • How accountability and a sense of community can keep you on track.
    • Why you might need to reassess your current schedule and streamline your routine to make time for training.
    • Establishing a well planned routine at the optimum training frequency for your needs.
    • Identifying the signs of overtraining or overreaching and how a planned deload can combat this.

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Picture of Luke Jones

Luke Jones

Luke Jones is a Movement Coach, Wellness Enthusiast, Online Content Creator, and Founder of HERO Movement. Through articles, videos, courses, and online coaching, his big goal is to help people discover freedom of movement and create lives filled with well-being & adventure.
Picture of Michaela Salacinski

Michaela Salacinski

Michaela Salacinski is a fitness enthusiast and online content creator. She works as a freelance writer with natural beauty brands and wellness companies. She also shares awesome fitness & wellness tips on Instagram & YouTube.

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