037 | Healthy Eating + Fat Loss Basics, Avoiding Overtraining and Barefoot Benefits

This week on The Hero Movement Podcast we dive into an interesting study on the benefits of barefooting, two top fat loss from Ben Greenfield, three fundamental principles for a healthier diet, tiredness vs overtraining, and much more. 

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This Week on The HERO Podcast:

🗣 Introductory Content:

3:05 – A new study that shows barefoot walking results in calluses that are more beneficial for our feet than shoes.

  • Why going barefoot gives us more sensitivity to the ground than wearing shoes.
  • The differences in injury risk between running unshod and in minimalist shoes vs expensive running trainers.

10:25 – Two important components to healthy fat loss (that aren’t to do with calorie restriction).

  • Why inflammation & oscillating blood sugar levels can inhibit the fat loss process.

❓ Questions & Answers

23:54 – How do I find time to research healthy eating?

  • Identifying whether research is necessary or if you should strip it back to basics.
  • The 3 basic principles of nutrition: home cook, eat fresh and eat slow.
 52:26 – How can we tell the difference between fatigue that we can train with, and fatigue that we should rest with?
  • When we should err on the side of caution and choose rest over training.
  • How fitness and health tracking tools can act as extra accountability for determining rest days.
  • Getting in tune with your body and learning to recognise when training or rest will be more beneficial for our individual needs. 
  • How tracking your overall readiness score throughout your warm-up can inform the intensity of the rest of your workout.

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