040 | The Best Mobility Tools and Avoiding Toxic Personal Care Products

This week on The Hero Movement Podcast we take a look at some of the most effective tools for improving mobility, the nasty chemicals hidden in personal care products, and how you can win your very own mobility bundle.

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This Week on The HERO Podcast:

🗣 Introductory Content:

2:00 – A quick chat about a couple of podcasts we’ve been enjoying. 

  • How Kelly Starrett’s interview on The Mind Muscle Project Podcast reinforces the importance of movement quality and mobility.
  • Why we enjoy listening to podcasts outside of the fitness space such as Sh**ged Married Annoyed.

06:30 – Vanity Fair’s 2018 interview with Hans Zimmer.

  • His reluctance to get involved with the films and discovering a deeper connection with them.

❓ Questions & Answers

09:30 – What are the best tools and pieces of equipment to use to improve mobility?

  • Types of mobility training that don’t require any equipment at all, such as squat sequences, shoulder mobility routines, foundation training and some forms of yoga.
  • The best bits of mobility kit for soft tissue work, joint capsule work & strengthening drills and for sliding surfaces & inflammed tissues.
  • Introducing the mobility bundle giveaway which includes a foam roller, mobility balls, resistance bands, yoga strap and free access to my online 28-day course, Mobility Reset. Go to heromovement.net/giveaway to find out more.
24:00 – Can our personal care products affect our health? If so, what should we look out for?
  • The potential health problems linked with toxins commonly found in personal care products.
  • EWG’s guide to sunscreens, including ingredients to avoid and ones to opt for.
  • Why we should cultivate more awareness of what we put on our bodies and being wary of terms such as ‘natural’.

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Luke Jones is a Movement Coach, Wellness Enthusiast, Online Content Creator, and Founder of HERO Movement. Through articles, videos, courses, and online coaching, his big goal is to help people discover freedom of movement and create lives filled with well-being & adventure.
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Michaela Salacinski is a fitness enthusiast and online content creator. She works as a freelance writer with natural beauty brands and wellness companies. She also shares awesome fitness & wellness tips on Instagram & YouTube.

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