Build Heroic Strength, Mobility & Endurance. All of my programs, 1000+ movement coaches in one app.

Build heroic strength, mobility & endurance

with me

At-home or in the gym

Unlimited access to all my movement programs, training & nutrition resources, and 150+ other movement coaches – all in one app. 

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Luke Jones Hero Movement Squat Twist

The Hero x Playbook App

Build Your Heroic Mind & Body

At-home or in the gym

Movement, guided mobility, mindfulness & more. 

1,000+ movement coaches, 20,000+ programs in one app.

Luke Jones Hero Movement Squat Twist

Playbook app featured in:

Playbook App Featured in

Build Heroic Strength, Mobility & Endurance at Your Pace, in Your Space

I’ve joined forces with Playbook to bring you a collection of at-home and gym-based training programs via the Hero App. From invigorating breathwork & bodyweight training plans, to targeted mobility routines & minimalist strength training programs. 

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned athlete, you’ll have access to a diverse community of over 1000 coaches who are dedicated to helping you elevate your movement practice & build your heroic body & mind.

Discover the training principles that have shaped my practice and helped countless clients build a foundation of mobility, functional strength, and endurance. I’m humbled and excited to share these ideas with you – check out more info about the app below!

This was great! I've had shoulder surgery and really felt this in a good way. Great program as I get back into rock climbing


First time in a while I've felt some relief in my lower back, happy I discovered this!


Feeling loose, short enough to do on my lunch break and not get sweaty, thank you!


📲 One App, Countless Ways to Move


A range of programs, suitable for complete beginners to intermediate & advanced athletes.


Mobility plans, bodyweight strength programs, endurance, yoga, martial arts, breathwork & more.


Ask me questions with the built in chat feature in the app for custom guidance & support.

Hero Movement App Main (1)

1000+ 5-star reviews of the Playbook App


Track progress and share your training with me and friends via the built in community features.


No Wifi? Download training sessions for offline use. Available on mobile and desktop.


You also get access to 1,000+ coaches, thousands of programs and new workouts every day.

Structured, On-demand

Movement Programs

In the app, you’ll find a growing library of online fitness programs designed to support your healthy, heroic movement practice:

Mobility Reset Program


4 week, at-home mobility program – a full body MOT to help you move with freedom. 

Hero Starter Program


A one-week intro to the basics of joint mobility, calisthenics & breathwork.

Beginner Bodyweight Program


4 week, beginner-friendly introduction to building strength with your bodyweight.

Movement moments Program

Movement Moments

Short, movement & mobility circuits. Learn new skills & add more movement to your day.

Hero Warmups (1)


Prepare your body & mind for optimum performance in training & competition.

Breathwork base course


 Follow along breathwork drills to support performance and wellbeing.

Hero at Home (1)


A minimal equipment, at-home bodyweight strength program for beginners to intermediates.

Hero App Mind Body Meditations

Guided Meditations

Guided meditations to help you find stillness amongst the chaos. Mindful breathing, yoga nidra & more.

+ new training sessions & resources Every month
and access to 1000+ other coaches in the playbook app:
Yoga, Calisthenics, Crossfit, Endurance, strength, physique & beyond

Really helped with my chronic back issues, thanks! 


I am starting to think I found the best place to get my mobility on track


Love these workouts! Helping to loosen and free up my joints 🙂


Luke Jones Move Live In The Movement 2

Your Coach: Luke Jones

Movement & Mobility Coach

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 4 Nutritionist, and certified Movement & Mobility Specialist with 10+ years experience. 
  • A lifelong passion for human movement, wellbeing, and adventure.
  • Dedicated to exploring and testing better ways to help people develop strength, mobility, and endurance for a fulfilling and active life.
  • Background as a competitive athlete in national-level athletics, martial arts and football.
  • Continually expanding knowledge through experts like Dan John, Wim Hof, Jon Kabat Zinn, Moshe Feldenkrais, Pavel Tsatsouline, Phil Maffetone, and more.
  • Draw inspiration from calisthenics, strength training, martial arts, yoga, endurance athletes, various breathwork practices, trauma-informed somatic therapy, recovery protocols, rope flow, and more.

Bonus Content to 

Deepen your training

HERO Nutrition Guide

My guide to healthy, heroic eating, including nutrition guidelines, meal templates, recipe ideas, my supplement regime, and more.

Bonus Wellness guides

Benefit from in-depth guides to Stoic philosophy, sleep optimisation, fasting, gut health, pre & post natal nutrition, supplementation & more.

20,000+ Training Sessions

You also get access to programs from 1000s of top athletic coaches, yoga teachers, strength pros, endurance athletes & more.

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Unlimted access to on-demand training

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Included in both:

Also Included in
the PlayBook App:

HERO Movement app Features Chat (1)


Directly connect with me with through the app. Send me your training questions, and I’ll get back to you with relevant tips & ideas.

Hero Movement App Features 1

Video Demos

Train anywhere and on your schedule. I guide you through every training session with easy-to-follow videos and exercise desciptions.

Hero Movement App Features 2


You’re able to see the entire program and individual workouts at a glance, including reps and sets, for easy-to-follow sessions.

Plus countless wellness guides, home workouts, yoga flows, meditation plans, Strength & muscle-building programs & more.


Through the Playbook app, you get access to:

  • All of my movement, mobility and endurance programs.
  • Direct messaging with me & other coaches for personalised tips.
  • Insights & guides for nutrition, recovery, meditation, stoicism, personal development, pre and post-natal training, and more. 
  • Unlimited access to 1000+ other Playbook movement coaches & creators, including strength coaches, physique experts, calisthenics athletes, Crossfit pros, yoga teachers, endurance coaches, martial artists, and more.
  • New training sessions and programs added on a daily basis.

In the app you’ll find programs for a range of skill levels – from complete beginners, to more experienced trainees and professional athletes.

Download the Playbook app onto your mobile device through the App Store or Google Play and log in with the details you used when submitting your payment info and creating your account.

No – most of my programs can be done at home with minimal equipment, e.g some mobility balls, a foam roller, gymnastic rings and a few kettlebells.

Full access to the Playbook is currently:

  • $14.99 on a rolling monthly basis ($0.49 per day)
  • $99.99 for an annual plan ($0.28 per day, a 44% discount) 

Yes, if it’s not right for you, you can cancel anytime, no strings attached!