The Couch Stretch: 5 Variations And a Follow Along Routine


The couch stretch is one of those all-star mobility exercises that the majority of modern humans could benefit from. It’s no secret that having mobile hips is one of the foundations for efficient movement and performance in pretty much any sport or physical activity.  But if we spend a lot of time sitting at a desk […]

5 of The Best Exercises to Improve Posture (Follow Along)

Best Posture Exercises HERO Movement

Today, we’re going through some the best posture exercises. Because it turns our default resting position is pretty important if we’re looking to move and perform as well as we can… If you’re looking to improve your posture, it’s worth examining your daily habits.Take sitting for ages as an example. It’s not ideal, usually leaving the […]

5 Key Habits for Improving Mobility + Flexibility

Habits for mobility

Having mobile joints and flexible tissues isn’t just about spending a load of time stretching, then hoping for the best.  From my experience, there are a few simple habits that if we can adopt on a regular basis, make a big difference when it comes to seeing lasting results.  In today’s video that’s exactly what we’re […]

033 | How to Enjoy a Healthy, Heroic Christmas

HERO Healthy Christmas

This week, in Episode 33 of The HERO Podcast: Why perfection is an illusion, and why the festive season can be a great time to de-load and recover. How to tweak your diet slightly over the holidays to avoid falling off the rails completely. Simple tweaks you can make to stay active and keep up […]

Upper Body Warmup + Shoulder Routine (Follow Along)

Upper body warmup mobility

Following on from last week’s lower body warmup, this time we’re getting the upper body prepped.  No equipment required at all for this one (a bench or stability ball might come in handy for one of the drills). Just follow along and enjoy feeling mobile and ready to tackle anything! If you’re after a printable […]

Lower Body Warmup + Hip Routine (Follow Along)

Lower Body Warmup Squat Routine

Time to free up those hips and prep the lower body in a simple follow-along squat routine.  No equipment required at all for this one (a resistance band could come in handy for a couple of drills, but it’s not strictly required). Just follow along and enjoy feeling mobile and ready to tackle anything! If […]

032 | Meal Prep Tips, Travel Training + Becoming a Personal Trainer

HERO Podcast Meal Prep 032

This week, in Episode 32 of The HERO Podcast: The big benefits of meal prep and how you can get started with meal prep today. Is a calorie restricted diet the way forwards for chronic lifestyle-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes? What’s the best workout you can do if you travel a lot and […]