44 Home Leg Exercises, Minimal Equipment: Bodyweight Squat Progressions

At Home Squat Workout

Looking to perform leg exercises at home but don’t have access to a barbell? Below I’ve outlined 44 lower body exercises that require minimal equipment. The barbell is undoubtedly one of the most useful tools for building lower body strength. But if you’re training your legs at home and you don’t have access to a […]

A Minimalist Home Gym Setup & Exercise Recommendations

Home Training Setup

It appears that home training is set to become the new norm (at least for the foreseeable future), so let’s take a look at a minimalist home gym setup that’s scalable to your individual needs & budget. While gyms are slowly reopening in some areas of the world, many people are still skeptical about returning […]

10 Minute Kettlebell Mobility Flow (Full Body)

Kettlebell Mobility Routine

Weighted stretching is one of my favourite ways to open things up, and arguably one of the most effective for creating lasting changes with your mobility and joint function. So today I’ve put together a short kettlebell mobility flow. It look a bit like yoga, but with added resistance in the form of a bell […]

No Pullup Bar? Here’s 26 Home Workout Back Exercises

Home Back Exercises no Pullup Bar

A home pull up bar is arguably one of the most useful tools for building a strong back, but getting hold of one right now isn’t easy. The good news? There are plenty of at home back exercises you can do with little to no equipment.  In this article and video, we’re looking at 26 […]

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