Hip Mobility Routine for Beginners

Tody I’d like to share a simple follow along hip mobility routine that’s suitable for complete beginners.

Improving hip mobility is one of the most common goals and requests I get from you guys. I have a number of routines already up on the blog and YouTube channel, but I thought I’d put together a more recent one that’s completely beginner friendly.

No equipment required – just some space, maybe a mat and some cushions or blocks to act as supports. 

I hope you enjoy – let me know how you get on! 

Apologies for the less than ideal video quality – one camera died on me, and the other decided to trip out and kept focusing on my hobbit feet 😆

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Beginner Friendly Hip Mobility Routine

The hip mobility exercises are as follows, performing 10 dynamic repetitions, followed by a 10 second end range hold:

  1. Hamstring stretch
  2. Right hip external rotation
  3. Left hip internal rotation
  4. Pancake fold
  5. Left hip external rotation
  6. Right hip internal rotation
  7. Cobbler / butterfly stretch
  8. Right hip flexor low lunge
  9. Left hip flexor low lunge

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