Full Body Beginners Mobility Workout (Follow Along)

Looking for a new beginners mobility workout to play around with?

What’s up HERO!?

Whether you’re new to mobility or you’re looking to switch things up and keep your body guessing, I’ve just put out a brand new, beginner-friendly routine that you can follow along with.

It’s a super simple, 15-minute flow with no equipment required – perfect for finishing up your week and getting your body ready for whatever you have planned this weekend.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Let’s get cracking!

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Full Body Mobility Routine Exercises

Great news: No equipment required for this one – maybe a block, some cushions and a wall for some extra support.

You can assume any resting position you like – I’m gonna sit on a stability ball and bounce around like a fool. Find whatever is most comfortable for you.

Then we’re gonna work through:


  • Wrists – Grab & roll
  • Neck – Four way flow
  • Shoulders – Rotations
  • Thoracic – Twists
  • Side body – Reaches
  • Ankles – Flexion + extension sequence
  • Hips – Lunge + hamstring flow
  • Hips – 90-90 hip box


If you struggle with any of the above movements, that’s okay. Totally normal in fact.

In the description box for the video on YouTube, you’ll find more specific videos for each area of the body if you wanna dig a little deeper.

🎥 Full Body Beginner Mobility Workout (Follow Along)

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That all for this week HERO!

Thanks for checking out my latest beginners mobility routine!

If you’re reading this, do me a solid and leave a comment below or on YouTube to join the conversation. Whether you have any questions about knee strengthening, or if there’s another topic you’d particularly like me to cover – just drop me a quick line and I’ll get back to you!

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Until next time, stay strong and have a healthy heroic week.

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