What does it take to improve mobility and make lasting changes?

It’s a question I’ve seen a fair bit lately, in some shape or form.

How to improve mobility on your own and actually get lasting results (without necessarily hiring a coach). You might be doing a bit of foam rolling here and there, but for some unknown reason, you’re not able to make those changes stick. I’ve been there, and it’s super frustrating.

Today I want you guys to be empowered and have the knowledge to perform daily maintenance on your body, as Kelly Starrett talks about. To make lasting positive changes and improve your mobility in the long run (not just temporarily).

To do that, I’m gonna take you through a 3-step mobility and flexibility framework. I called it the 3R Mobility Method, and it’s something I use with myself and most of my personal training clients, to improve mobility and flexibility, fix common postural issues, and enhance performance

Let’s dig in!

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The 3R Mobility Method, Step By Step

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Step 1: Recognise

[/col2][col2 width=”80″]Establishing our baseline and identifying our ability to adopt key movement patterns and positions. Do we have any restrictions or imbalances that are holding us back or impacting our performance?[/col2]

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Step 2: Release

[/col2][col2 width=”80″]Releasing tension in the system and tight tissues that may be holding us in compromised positions or restricting our movement. We can use deep tissue work, superficial pressure and various stretching techniques.[/col2]

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Step 3: Reinforce

[/col2][col2 width=”80″]Strengthening key muscle groups and movement patterns and integrating these into our practice and everyday life. We can look at stability drills, gross movement patterns, and our daily habits.[/col2]

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The 3R Mobility Method Infographic

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3R Mobility Method Improve Mobility Infographic


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That about it for today HERO!

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Until next time, stay strong and have a healthy heroic day!

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