Instagram has spoken… So today I’m gonna be talking about nutrition basics.

We’ll go through three simple principles that I use to fuel my movement practice and stay somewhat healthy – things that I think could help you too.

Nutrition can be a complex topic. Although I’m a qualified nutritionist and food is something I’ve written about a fair bit in the past, in recent years it’s something I’ve taken more of a backseat with.

It’s partly because there’s so much contention in the nutrition world – teams of people stating that ‘their way’ is the ‘right way’. I didn’t want to be a part of that, and I also didn’t want to tell people what they should be doing with the food on their plate.

We’re all different, we all have individual needs and we respond differently to different foods.

That being said, nutrition is something I’m still super interested in, and it remains a BIG part of the health and performance puzzle. So I thought I’d start sharing a little bit more about what I do. The basics nutrition principles that have had the biggest impact on me.

So if you’re completely new to this kinda thing, these are hopefully gonna help. And if you already belong to one of the nutrition camps like paleo, vegan etc – the good news is that these three principles can be applied across the board.

So let’s dig in!

Let me know in the comments section – if you had to pick just three tips for eating healthier, what would they be?

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Nutrition Basics HERO Movement


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That about it for today HERO!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below or on YouTube to join the conversation. Whether you have any questions about the above, or if there’s a topic you’d particularly like me to cover – let me know!

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Until next time, stay strong and have a healthy heroic day!

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