Post travel stretching.

If I’ve been stuck in the car/plane/train for hours on end, getting things moving again is a BIG priority for me.


When we’re holed up in that cramped sitting position, bad things start to happen. Essentially, areas that we don’t really want to tighten start tightening, and big muscle groups that we’d ideally like to be primed and ready for action – they start falling asleep.

The result?

Tight hips, an aching back, lazy glutes, and a whole host of knock on effects on our movement – both in the gym, and everyday life.

But fear not.

If you’re a frequent traveller, you don’t have to reside yourself to a hunchback posture or hips stiffer than an old board.

With a little bit of mobility and strengthening work sprinkled throughout (or at the end of) your journey, you’ll be feeling supple and free again in no time.

Today I’m gonna share with you my go-to routine for staying mobile on the move.

Let’s dive in…

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My Post Travel Stretching & Mobility Routine

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Recapping the post travel stretching routine:

1. Mobilise

Here we’re simply getting things in motion again.

  1. Opening through the chest and thoracic.
  2. Loosening up the hips with some leg swings

2. Lengthen

With the blood flowing, we’re then creating some space, ungluing tight tissues and restrictions.

  1. Opening the chest and lats with a butchers block/overhead stretch
  2. Peeling open those hip flexors and quads with a simple runners stretch/couch stretch

3. Strengthen

With the space created, we’re gonna solidify a healthier position with some strengthening drills.

  1. Turning those glutes back on and setting the scapula back and down with some hip hinges
  2. Activating the glutes a bit more and opening up those hip flexors with reverse lunges

4. Habits

Now let’s integrate these patterns into our everyday life and play with a few healthy habits that will keep us out of trouble.

  1. Using a travel pillow mid back to support the spine and help you stabilise at the pelvis
  2. Travelling with a massage tool to dig into those tight spots and keep the blood flowing

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That about it for today HERO!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below or on YouTube if you have any questions about training or mobility, or if there’s a topic you’d particularly like me to cover sometime.

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Until next time, stay strong and have a healthy heroic day!

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