What’s the best way to strengthen your knees & reduce your injury risk?

Whether you love to squat heavy stuff, run trails, grapple with savages, surf big ones or simply be active with the family – chances are you’ve come across a knee injury or two in your time.

If you haven’t, good on you. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you’re immune for life…

Of the seven most common injuries in sport, at least three are knee-related (arguably four). As the old saying goes, prevention is worth a hell of a lot more than cure. So if you already have healthy knees, you probably wanna pay extra attention to this weeks video to keep it that way hero.

Here’s the thing:

I’ve had my fair share of knee tweaks and ligament sprains over the years. I can confirm – they’re not that fun. Alongside the aches and pains, there’s also the nagging doubt that crops up in the back of your mind. You’re constantly wondering whether those creaky hinges are gonna hold up. Even minor knee injuries can seriously knock your confidence.

So today, we’re going through ten simple things you can do to strengthen your knees, reduce knee pain and injuries, and get you moving like a HERO. You’ll be glad to know that as well as a bunch of (hopefully) helpful ideas, this one comes with a super cheesy cinematic intro for you to enjoy too…

Let’s get stuck in!

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That all for this week HERO!

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Until next time, stay strong and have a healthy heroic week.

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